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What is Mysearch INDIA

Mysearch INDIA, the online portal mainly focus on helping and guiding customers to reach the right destination for all their needs. A registered customer, while searching online or visiting the Mysearch INDIA partner outlets, will be treated with complimentary rewards and those can be redeemed against cash or vouchers. This is the first online portal in the India with the concept of rewarding its customers while providing brilliant services to ease their hectic life.

We, Mysearch INDIA team help Business Community to list their business activities thus enabling them to enhance the exposure and earn more customers to enrich their business in a broad spectrum. Mysearch INDIA team belief and promote H2H business rather than B2B or B2C. We value our prestigious customers and are fully committed to fulfill all their needs in shopping experiences through our online portal. Customers will get updated with current market benefits by using our portal. We ensure customer feedback and review reach the appropriate authority on time and help create a friendly connection and cordial relation between our Customers and Clients.

Mysearch INDIA creates a big network for Business Community/Conglomerates to keep them aware of the current customer demands which will guide them to move forward in tandem with. The Business Community can utilize our Business Intelligent System for providing better experience to their esteemed customers. Through this platform, our clients can analyze our customer feedback on their products and services.

How to Increase Your Sales

Rewards System

Our team helps to create innovative logic that inspires everyday engagement with innovative fulfillment options which increase customer loyalty and purchasing power.

Digital Transformation

We deliver result oriented digital marketing campaigns, with no contract tie-ins, no compromise in quality and with a substantial return on investment.

Data Analysis Algorithm

Our Loyalty and Feedback apps help to analyze the pattern of your customers which will directly impact increased sales, customer retention and thereby attract new customers.

Ultra Website

We deliver ultra-websites which makes your digital presence elegant and meaningful. The unique idea in web design, whether you are looking for a one-page website or a comprehensive, multi-page website with a full content management system, our team is there to take care.


Our aim is to uncover your point of differentiation and weave it into every customer touch point of your business thereby maximizing your brand value and improve your business performance.

Get, keep and grow more customers. We’re here to help.

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